Our strength is a result of more than 80 years of combined experience amongst our owner and our team. Our owner worked in the transportation industry specializing in training, safety, and compliance and also worked for UPS for 35 years primarily as an on-road supervisor and as a transportation manager.

His Experience

In those years, he recognized the importance of an organization that truly put safety first with a proactive approach to driver training. He has spent countless hours training and certifying drivers on defensive driving techniques and their application. In doing so, he instilled the values of protecting the true assets of the company.

Being Proactive

Over the years, he has recognized that most companies with commercial drivers do not take this proactive approach to reducing or eliminating drivers at risk behavior. These at risk behaviors can have an adverse effect on your company’s bottom line that may result in excessive or extreme cost incurred by damage, injury, or litigation.


Certified Safe Driver, Inc. has surveyed many small to midsize companies with commercial drivers and has found that less than 30 percent provide any initial defensive driving or DOT regulations understanding training. That ratio drops to less than 10 percent in regards to annual or bi-annual certifications. In most cases, the training is usually completed online. Certifying your drivers benefits and protects your company’s assets in multiple ways, including:

1) Improves the Odds of Getting Your Employees Home Safe
2) Reduces the Frequency of Incidents When the Driver Applies These Techniques
3) May Minimize the Extreme Cost Incurred by Litigation as a Result of a Crash
4) Helps Get Your Company Profitable Insurance Premiums

About the Ergonomics Team

Zoe Robinette

Ergonomics Based Injury Prevention – Cost Containment

Zoe is an expert in ergonomic based injury prevention and cost containment programming serving some of the largest corporations in the country across industrial sectors. She has conducted thousands of ergonomic studies in hundreds of companies across the country in the following sectors:

  •  Automotive
  • Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospital
  • Transportation
  • University

Zoe has authored numerous papers on injury prevention published in peer-reviewed journals and trade periodicals. She has been an invited speaker at international conferences on the topic.

Zoe delivers a proven method of injury prevention founded on the traditional athletic training model used globally to prevent MSDs and extremity injuries from occurring in athletes is the key to reducing the same type of injuries in the Industrial Athlete. She delivers a 360° approach to tackling WMSDs combining prevention and intervention to injury management and treatment protocols.

Zoe has a proven track record in reducing and, in some cases, eliminating this type of injury at the workplace regardless of the amount of years the corporate problem as existed. She has delivered programs that save corporations millions of dollars on workers’ compensation costs with an ROI of less than one year. The results are hard to beat. Client companies engaging in all or some of Zoe’s injury prevention and cost containment services should expect a marked reduction in:

  • Overall injuries
  • Workers’ compensation costs
  • Days away and restricted days
  • Capital reserves

Zoe and team deliver hands on physical training, three-minute drills, physical education clinics, educational methods and tools designed with the specificity required to positively affect performance and reduce WMSD injuries. Specificity in training is a key factor in success. Workers receive services and educational materials that are specific to their individual and collective needs.

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