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“Certified Safe Drivers approaches
training with a direct and easy to understand approach. Clear instructions and the demonstrations, of concepts in a realworld environment, help students learn more quickly, and more effectively.”

Richard Antoine

He is a true professional

I have had the opportunity to work with Mike Perez and know that he is a true professional who will make sure your experience is geared toward a safe and professional understanding of the skills involved to be a professional certified and safe driver.

Rick Sperry

Nice energy

Mike is willing to connect with members of the business community to see how he can add value to an ever-growing ever-changing environment. Nice energy.

Knowledge and experience

Mike Perez of Certified Safe Driver LLC is someone you need to speak with if you truly are concerned with driver safety in the workplace. He brings to the plate all the knowledge and experience of working in management with one of the best and largest companies in the world, UPS! I’ve known Mike since we were kids and he has always excelled at what he does. If you need to speak with me personally, please do so and contact me at 805-701-7718.


When we have the passion to help and let it known people what you do, awesome!!

Believing that everyone should come home safe and sound.

They are willing to put more into learning by physical appearance than by a video. They believe in safe driving and maintaining focus on the roads. Believing that everyone should come home safe and sound.

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